Wheel Alignment

Computerised Wheel Alignment

Front Wheel Alignment from just £65 + vat
4 Wheel Alignment from just £80 + vat

What are the benefits?

– Reduced Tyre Wear
– Improved Fuel Consumption
– Saves Money
– Improved Handling

Always have your vehicle’s alignment checked when:

  • Your vehicle has hit something (e.g. a kerb or pot hole).
  • You notice that your tyres are wearing abnormally or unevenly.
  • You experience steering or handling problems,
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side.
  • Your steering wheel does not return easily after a turn.
  • Your steering wheel remains at an angle when driving in a straight line.
  • When you buy a new set of tyres and want them to last as long as possible.
  • When you have suspension or steering components replaced.

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